In which I experiment with a poetry group…

Recently, I’ve been asked to help out with a 4th grade poetry group.  What can be difficult about poetry is talking or writing about it.  To help put thoughts into words, I’m going to have a poetry group write a response to a poem.  Because I’m a firm believer in having students share their work with the world (it doesn’t happen nearly enough), I’m going to take their responses, as honest as they are, and put them here for the world.  The poem is taken from Caroline Kennedy’s book, Poems to Learn by Heart, the poem is called, by Neal Levin.  There are two groups that I’ll be doing this with, and each will have about 15 minutes to read and respond.  I’m really curious as to how they do and what they say.  They’ve never done anything like this before, knowing that what they write will end up on the web.

The Poem:

Baby Ate a Microchip
By: Neal Levin

Baby ate a microchip,
Then grabbed a bottle, took a sip.
He swallowed it and made a beep,
And now he’s thinking pretty deep.

He’s downloading his ABCs
And calculating 1-2-3s.
He’s memorizing useless facts
While doing Daddy’s income tax.

He’s processing, and now he thrives
On feeding his internal drives.
He’s throwing fits, and now he fights
With ruthless bits and toothless bytes.

He must be feeling very smug.
But hold on, Baby caught a bug.
Attempting to reboot in haste,
He accidentally got erased!

Some observations of the first group:

I’ve already had them ask me how to spell things and my response was that I want them to try.  I’ve told them they may move anywhere else in the library because what they are working on is mobile.  Surprisingly, nobody has moved.  One laptop has already crashed, victim to its age and one student cannot log on, a victim of our building’s infrastructure.  Some kindergartners walked by from lunch by our open door and made the group chuckle.  A student brought up the possibility of using Dragon Dictation, saying it would be awesome to speak into the computer instead of typing.  Is this a vision of the future?  There are 12 students in this group, and a quick walk around the table shows that three students still have nothing written after 15 minutes and one was doing a math problem.  A great lesson to not be blogging while students are typing and why teachers need to be visible and mobile.  This is an experiment though as much as a lesson, so even if I hadn’t moved and the math problem stayed on the document, you better believe I would have put that response here!

Initial observations of the second group:

Because the library group was coming back from the computer lab, students were forced to spread out.  They seem a bit more distracted because they are spread out more and I need to move.  So here I go…Students are helping each other, and while small communication and chattiness is happening, that is an indication of space and the proximity of those students.  Having them move somewhere else, once the class that comes down leaves.  Now that they’re spread out, they’re concerned with the number of words they’ve typed.  Are they done?  They keep checking in.

Here’s what they came up with:

Baby Ate a Microchip is a cute poem. It has rhyming that makes the poem flow easily. The last words of each line rhyme. In the poem, the baby suddenly becomes smart because he ate a microchip. He does his dad’s income tax which I think made him happy. I would give this poem a 5 out of 5 because the rhyming has to do with things that could probably happen if you were to swallow a microchip. That is what I think of the poem Baby Ate a Microchip by Neal Levin

This poem is really weird. It follows the AABB pattern. I think the poem is about a baby who is obsessed with a computer. The dad was probably happy because the baby was doing the taxes. I think that at the end of the poem everything the baby does gets erased by a computer bug (glitch). I think it’s also about a baby who ate a microchip then pretended to become a computer. The baby acts like a know-all smarty pants because he is processing information, feeding his internal drives, downloading the ABCs, calculating 1-2-3s, thinking pretty deep, memorizing useless facts, doing daddy’s income taxes, and throwing fits with ruthless bits. He is acting like a true older adult. He is a computer maniac.

I think baby ate a microchip is about a baby eating a microchip and then living and acting like a computer.  Since it says he’s memorizing useless facts while doing daddy’s income tax he must have gotten very smart from the microchip like the internet is now in his brain.  He swallowed it.   He calculated and downloaded things instead of learning them.  It is AABB rhyming pattern. It says he caught a bug which could have meant a computer bug or getting sick I think it was sort of both because he is a human so he can’t get a glitch but he did also swallow a microchip. This poem is not real and the result of swallowing a microchip would not be the same as in real life. It also says attempting to reboot so I think it was a computer bug.  It also says he accidently got erased I think it was like the computer memory being erased not him.

I think  the poem is about a baby who ate a part of a computer . Now the baby knows everything  a computer knows.  The rhyming pattern is aa bb . This  makes  the poem easy to read. This poem is very amusing . This is because at the end that part of the computer gets deleted.  Also  because the baby  does things adults do ad babies do not do yet. Also  because the baby beeps and thinks very advanced.  The picture  helps me to understand this poem . This is the best poem I ever  read!

Baby ate a microchip is a cute, funny poem that I would rate 5 stars. It is a great poem because of its clever word play, like baby caught a bug reffering to a computer bug , not a stomach bug like humans (that did not eat a microchip) can get. Also, it has a nice smooth flow and a nice beat. You can tell because it says microchip, sip (AA) and beep and deep (BB)

I think this poem is funny because why would a baby be doing his dads income taxing. It’s also funny when the poet says baby caught bug because when a computer gets a bug it’s like it gets sick and when a person has a stomach ache people call it a stomach bug.  I think this poem means that the baby ate a microchip then he got really smart and then he got erased and wasn’t   as smart. He is a baby and he was learning his ABCs and his 123s but it said he was downloading his ABCs and calculating his 123s. He got erased and lost all of his thoughts an he erased all his memory  and when you erase all of everything on your computer and now he is erasing all his memory.

Baby ate a microchip is
A funny 4 stanzas. That
Make`s you think the
baby is learning, after
eating a microchip.

  • Very smart babys
  • It rhymes
  • It was a normal baby but then it ate a microchip and became so smart by doing its dads taxes typing on the computer downloading ABCs its brain almost became like a machine
  • when the baby ate something it turned smart and then the baby ate something again and he turned back to normal all his smartness went away

It has a meater (or known as beat) that is relaxing and soothing.

I think that baby ate a microchip is a good and super funny poem. I think it is funny because the baby is doing taxes and he is downloading his A,B,C’s and instead of learning them like a normal baby. The hole poem is really happy and up beat but the ending is a little sad because he caught a bug and got erased. I think that the poem could have been set to music. It is a little confusing because it says he is thriving and I don’t know what thriving means. That is my opinion on the poem baby ate a micro chip.

The poem is weird. At the end of the poem da baby get erased.

The meaning of this poem is that a baby that ate a microchip and he now thinks like a computer.  The rhyme is a good flow and so is the rhythm.  Then at the end of the poem he got erased like a hard drive that got its memory erased.  I think it was a pretty good poem because of the flow, the rhyme and the rhythm.

I think the poem is funny.  Every line rhymes together.  There is 4 stanzas, and 4 lines in each stanza. I think the meaning of the poem is trying to say that the baby starts dumb then goes to smart then goes back to dumb that’s also why I think it is funny.

The baby is acting like an adult. The poem was kind of silly. The micro chip probly had a bunch of on it stuff. The baby started learning his A,B,Cs and his numbers. He does his dad’s taxes. The poem rymes and has a good rythem.

In  the poem the baby ate a microchip  is funny and a little weird.   After he took a bite he made a beep sound.

I like the rhymes in this poem, and I also think it is interesting too. Also I think it’s pretty  funny.

I think this poem is funny, crazy, and super. When itr read “Baby ate a microchip” I did’t know what was going to happen. Was he going to go to the ER or the hosptal. It turns out he did’t It tottly shock me.  He was downloading all sorts of stuff in less then 5min. The things he was downloading was his ABCs then calculating his 1-2-3s. Then it seys “While doing daddy’s income tax.  I just loved this poem in meny ways possible I can’t say it all.

The poam of the baby eating a microchip is so funny and kind of weird.I wander why the baby ate the microchip.After the baby ate the microchip he was downloading his ABC. And made a beeping sound like this beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

In the poem Baby ate microchip the baby ate microchip so now he is very smart

The baby ate a microchip so he is like a computer. He can do his a-b-cs. He can do his 1-2-3s.He can do his father’s taxes. But then he caught a bug and got erased. This baby was acting like an adult. This was my blog on Baby ate a microchip.

I think that the poem was good and had a funny tune to it with the rhythm and was interesting that a baby ate a microchip. I also think that when he was ‘’downloading his a,b,c s ‘’was hilarious   because that does not happen in realty so that was great. Also and the Arthur [Neal Levin] made the poem so that the 1st   and last stanza weren’t too much with rhyme which was a good idea because no poems are perfect.
So in total, I had maybe three with blank pages and one completely ramble, creating a bigger issue which needs to be handled separately.  I thought this was a cool project and I may do this again.  If you’ve made it this far, thanks for hanging out!


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