Hypermedia Integration

I interviewed several teachers, an instructional coach, and a principal to get their perspective on how and why they use videos or support videos being used in the classroom. This was a fun one!


About MrDeissler

I teach technology education to elementary students and work with teachers on integrating new technologies into their lessons at two different elementary schools. This blog serves as a place for me to reflect and share to help make me a better educator. I've also been considered a "OneDrive Jedi," and am a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. I enjoy blogging, but struggle to keep up with it... All of my opinions are mine and not of the Hatboro-Horsham School District. Follow me on Twitter @mrdeissler
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5 Responses to Hypermedia Integration

  1. Twilla Berwaldt says:

    Great video. I thought your question made a couple of the teachers think about how they really could use more videos in their class. I also liked the idea of having teachers use student created videos in future instruction. This would also add to the sense of community within the school setting. I really like that your principal would consider providing TIME for teachers to begin to implement some of these strategies.

  2. ddainessmith says:

    I enjoyed your video! I really liked how the teachers commented on not only using videos in the classroom but also what they do as follow up or accompanying activities. It was interesting to see all the different perspectives. I also like that your principal was considering providing time for teachers to work on implementing strategies. Admin support is key to any type of implementation.

  3. Mariel Zamora says:

    Your presentation from different teacher interviews was very engaging. It was helpful as an educator to hear how other educators use multimedia in their classroom. I was able to relate and benefit from many of the same ways that these teachers use videos within their classroom. I also gained some ideas on how to use videos within different content areas for my own classroom. For example, an idea that I would implement would be to have students compare and contrast between a novel and it’s video. Another ideas would be to have students define authors’ perspectives or purposes through the use of multimedia. Lastly, your presentation also reinforced many of the reasons why my school district uses videos for student created projects as well as teacher created tutorials.

    Thank you for sharing,

  4. Daniel Schafer says:

    Great job at the interviews. It was nice to see this option for our 541 assignment. As a technology educator, do you help the teachers at the elementary schools integrate technology in their own classrooms? If so, what are some techniques that you have to help with multimedia integration in elective coursework (PE, Music, Arts, etc)?

    • mrdeissler says:

      I try where I can. Integration is technically not in my job description as an “elementary technology teacher,” but it’s something that I love to do. If I ever got back into the regular ed classroom, my lessons would be totally different. When working with elective area teachers, I’ve mostly sent them apps that I thought could help their lesson, whether it’s the “ColAR” app that turns colored pictures into 3 dimensional objects for the art teacher, or “The Human Body” app that shows the workings of a body to the health/p.e. teacher. I also showed him “Skitch,” which would allow him or other students to annotate pictures if they were going to model proper techniques. I’m doing a professional development with some of them next Tuesday where I touch on “Educreations,” and “Explain Everything,” two power apps to create screencasts. Those videos could be used to demonstrate technique as well. That’s kind of where I’m at…

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