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Databases and Spreadsheets

To some, the word, “spreadsheet,” fosters visions of TPS reports (a la “Office Space), cubicles, and redundant office work.  Inputting data into cells can seem like a mind-numbing concept, however, there are things that you can do within spreadsheet programs … Continue reading

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Relative Advantage of Using Slide Presentations

Have you seen this: This is one of the PowerPoint slides that the Pentagon put together to explain the Afgan conflict.  ONE SLIDE!!  I think the best quote was, “When we understand [it],” war commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal joked when … Continue reading

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Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference in Hershey.  Wow.  This was my first opportunity to attend a conference that affected my career.  I had been to an athletic director’s conference … Continue reading

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Relative Advantage of Instructional Software in the Classroom

Instructional software, or software designed to enhance the instruction of students, plays a major role in today’s classroom.  Students have a desire to be engaged like never before through the use of technology, especially mobile technology, and it allows the … Continue reading

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The Acceptable Use Policy

When I teach the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) we begin by breaking down those three words and defining exactly what is, “acceptable,” what it means to “use,” something, and what is a, “policy.”  Students give examples of things that are … Continue reading

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