A new blog…

This is my first entry in a new blog format.  I was previously using EduBlogs because they claimed it was good for teachers and students.  Meh.  It was ok, but I seemed to have difficulty inserting pictures and just not doing what I wanted it to do.  So, here we are on WordPress, and I’m hoping I can continue with some writing.

I woke up this morning and realized that at this time last year, I was in Hershey for an athletic director’s conference.  That was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.  I loved my time as athletic director at Keith Valley Middle School.  Sure, I was ridiculously underpaid, but that never stopped me from running the athletic program the way that I thought it should be ran.  It is, after all, about the kids and their love of sports that kept me going.  We had an awesome program and our kids were and are phenomenal.  I do miss it.  That’s part of why my blog is called, “The Traveling Tech Teacher.”  I’ve been around the block teaching and doing many different things and I’ve always tried to incorporate some sort of technology.

But last year’s conference.  It was my first one!  I’ve never been away from my family, continuing any type of education for a period of time.  It was great to get away!  As a middle school AD, I also didn’t have any purchasing power; that meant I could roam the showcase halls and talk to people and just say, “Nope, sorry, I can’t buy anything because I don’t have any purchase power.  But I’ll take your free chotchkey!”  It was just incredible being in a place where there were so many people passionate about what they do.  I imagine that’s what most conferences are like, because you are trying to better yourself.  This year’s conference is going on right now, and while I miss the chocolate, and the networking, and the whole explaining to people that I’m not actually an administrator but I oversee the athletic program (loved the confused faces I got!), I look forward to the next conference; that next opportunity to get away and learn. 

I had a realization last night that I had to tweet: “To me, teaching and integrating technology is like looking through a window into the future.”  Even just by being on Twitter, it’s like going to virtual conferences: there is so much you can learn by following people.  But that sure won’t beat actually going to a conference, seeing people face to face, and enjoying all of the free stuff vendors try and give away!

Have a GREAT weekend!



About MrDeissler

I teach technology education to elementary students and work with teachers on integrating new technologies into their lessons at two different elementary schools. This blog serves as a place for me to reflect and share to help make me a better educator. I've also been considered a "OneDrive Jedi," and am a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. I enjoy blogging, but struggle to keep up with it... All of my opinions are mine and not of the Hatboro-Horsham School District. Follow me on Twitter @mrdeissler
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